Lawsuit Funding


Involved in a lawsuit that’s dragging out longer than expected and tired of waiting for your case to settle?


If you’ve hired an attorney because you’ve been injured, and you’re still waiting for your lawsuit to settle, you can get the cash and the breathing room you need today from Bulldog Lending while you wait for your settlement.

Apply NOW for a legal funding! The application is FREE and if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay us back! Start Now!

NO ONE Can Get You Cash Faster And At the Best Rates Than Bulldog Lending!

Are you involved in a pending or settled lawsuit but cannot wait for your money?

If this is your problem, lawsuit funding (also known as purchased settlement funding) from Bulldog Lending is the solution.

Collecting on your injury case takes time, usually between two and four years, but until your case is settled, your bills keep piling up.  Lawsuit funding arrangements are essentially purchase contracts between a plaintiff in a lawsuit and the purchaser to provide immediate cash to the plaintiff, often within 24 hours. The attorney then places the contract in the file as a lien against any future settlement. In other words, with lawsuit funding we provide you money now and when you settle the case, you pay us back.

Lawsuit funding is routinely given for personal injury cases such as auto accidents and slip and fall actions. For Bulldog Lending to consider your case, four requirements must be met:

  1. You must have a pending claim against a defendant.
  2. You must have an attorney.
  3. Your attorney must be representing you on a contingency basis meaning that the attorney only gets paid if the lawsuit is successful.
  4. You must not have entered into any other lawsuit funding contracts on the same claim.

Lawsuit funding offers:

  • Immediate funds for you to use as you wish.
  • A Zero Risk Proposition.  The funds are paid back ONLY IF you win your case.
  • Absolutely the LOWEST rates available.
  • Quick and attentive explanation on how the program works.
  • 24 to 48 hour approval process.

If you do not collect any money in the lawsuit, the cash advance is not paid back. With lawsuit funding, we take the risk and you take the cash.


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